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EUREKA Launches New V9 Product Catalog for 2017



Light. It surrounds you but you cannot seize it. It has no form or texture, but changes the shape of things once touched by it. It makes a statement without a word. It can disappear in a flash and come back in an instant. It is a source that requires control. Often intimidating, Eureka’s role is to deliver the flexibility to allow you to control light as easy as 1-2-3. It is their task to design a line of products as pure as light itself, to direct, to move, to accentuate, to filter and to enhance in style. This opportunity to master lighting is now possible, with a wide offering of light sources, optical packages and product √¶sthetics.

Eureka offers you the freedom to make any project remarkable. Versatility and style. Give light a personality.


Eureka V9 Catalog


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