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Whitegoods 20 Linear Design Guide Now Online



Whitegoods is a language of light developed to bring illumination to surfaces in the simplest way possible. We believe in ‘luminous surfaces and planes of light’. It is critical to our approach that our luminaires have a minimal visual impact. Their job is to reveal the surfaces around them, while seamlessly integrating with the architectural envelope. Whitegoods o‡ffers the discerning specifier a range of lighting tools to facilitate this approach. The 20 Linear profile is the latest architectural lighting tool developed to allow designers the freedom to work with light in an instinctive way. Utilizing the small form factor, the range includes a family of profiles all based around the same high performance linear LED technology, developed by Whitegoods specifically for this product line. Coves, co‡ffers, perimeter wash and seamless lines, all beautifully rendered with smooth even light.

This is Whitegoods: this is 20 Linear.


Whitegoods 20 Linear Design Guide

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