FLI – Formula Luci

Formula Luci

Light is essence. It is a language that emphasizes geometries, shows the beauty of a shape, tells a story before it is put into words. For over twenty years FLI – Formula Luci Italia has provided the market with innovative lighting tools solutions that perfectly synthesize style and effectiveness. Functionality, design and product customization that satisfies customers’ special requirements are our strength. Thanks to that we have become technical lighting official suppliers for the stores of the most important luxury fashion brands and hoteliers.

In a very demanding international market, where high quality products and prompt manufacturing are a “must”, our young and qualified team supports day by day architects, designers and lighting designers in setting up contemporary spaces where light becomes pure design, a precious element in perfect harmony with the unfolding setting.

The core of our creative process is LED technology, which has enabled the miniaturization of lightening devices and has multiplied the chances of customization. Since 2008 in our projects we have used Nichia LEDs, a Japanese leading brand. Our extra value nowadays is the control the whole production chain: we develop our products and drivers for smart control of integrated light systems on our premises. Thanks to a solid and reliable partnership network we can operate worldwide with top performances and a full service. We invest in research and development working with prototypes, and most of all we believe in people and in intuition.

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