Glassiled is an innovative and unique communicating facade concept featuring LED-embedded glass. It combines the transparency of glass with optimized light communication, day and night.

MOTION You create your animated design and the facade broadcasts it faithfully through its independently controlled LEDs. Want to change the initial animation? No problem. The facade animation can be modified whenever you want. LEDs are embedded in the double glazing, seamlessly integrated in the facade.

Sign Glassiled sign is the ideal product for a logo, corporate message, signature or image that blends in perfectly with the facade. Can be applied indoors on partitions and outdoors on facades.

UNI Lighting up windows. Glassiled Uni is a double glazing unit with the same specifications as traditional double glazing, but this unique product also features monochrome or RGB LEDs embedded in the spacer that make it possible to illuminate any building facade with unprecedented uniformity and no restriction on color or light temperature.

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