PMC Lighting

PMC Lighting has earned a reputation for innovative design, quality craftsmanship and creative adaptability. Not only do we continually introduce the newest technology with versatile integration options, we are uniquely qualified to adapt and customize designs, inspiring truly unique lighting solutions to meet the discrete needs of an individual space. PCM offers the following lines:

  • Sileä provides a full family of luminaires that offers high efficiency lighting in a shallow plenum application. Sileä provides quality illumination in a less than 2″ high profile design.
  • Sorea simulates the soft uniform illumination characteristic of suspended indirect lighting in a convenient modular package.
  • Pallo offers a fresh take on fluorescent ambient lighting.
  • Peri-mittari excels at offering a myriad of perimeter lighting solutions to showcase your space.
  • Neliö’s collection of designer rectangles has the lighting solution.
  • Alumiini sets the standard for extruded aluminum profiles.
  • Metalli steel suspended and companion wall mounted offerings.
  • Classic offers those simple tasteful standards that you recognize, but then we pack them with lighting options.
  • Clarus LED series offers tight beam spread distributions, clean aesthetics and optimal lumen efficiency.
  • Kupoli comprehensive line of compact fluorescent and metal halide downlights.
  • Sylinteri offers a fully integrated series with LED, metal halide and compact fluorescent sources in a myriad of configurations.

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