Whitegoods is a homegrown lighting manufacturer from London producing standard and tailored products that beautifully blend with adjoining surfaces to create the most integrated lighting results. By offering a full range of downlights, wallwashes, accent lights, linear, cove and large panel luminaires, Whitegoods allows the discriminating designer to utilize a singular vocabulary throughout the project. That language of light can be used to beautifully illuminate the space while imposing the most minimal impact to the architecture. And where a standard fitting is not available, Whitegoods designers will help develop a truly unique product to accomplish the task.

From residence to retail, office or gallery, Whitegoods provides proper illumination without exposing the technology that is used to deliver it. And recognizing that there is application for Whitegoods in all projects, the company has highly tooled the products to bring them to market in an affordable way.

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