Project: Shops at Japan House Category: London

Salvio 93

With its innovative design and integrated amenities, Salvio has become a new showpiece in Bogota’s cosmopolitan architecture. Salvio is a project conceived in response to its context by taking inspiration from a park that sits directly in front. The building façade is made almost entirely from natural yellow pinewood. The goal of the architects was to highlight this natural material during the day and especial at night.
To respect the buildings simple geometry, elegant horizontal lines of light accompany the horizontal plains of the building.

This alight accentuates the materiality and revels the buildings balance with its context.

Within, the interior lighting reflects the façade design by maintaining continuous horizontal light lines.

This apparent simplicity in design provokes a unique experience within the interior, especially in the buildings atrium. The ultimate goal was to create an urban icon in balance with its immediate surroundings.

project: Salvio 93
category: Hotel
architect: Arias Serna Saravia
location: Bogota
manufacturer: Delta Light

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